Nov 02nd 2017

Affordable Best Friend Date Ideas

Friendships may be priceless, but maintaining them often isn’t. When did having fun get so expensive? Drinks at the new bar in town, catching the newest movie… Let’s not even mention retail therapy. Here are some creative ideas to get you and your bestie out of the norm and try something new that may even be the catalyst for a whole new hobby! Keep reading for 10 fun things you and your BFF can do for your next friend date!

  1. Go thrifting
    A trip to your local thrift store is a win-win-win because it saves you so much on clothes, satisfies that retail therapy urge, AND you’ll get one of a kind pieces that you couldn’t find at the mall
  2. Pack a picnic, grab some music, and scout the perfect spot to chill in the park.
    Picnics seem to be idealized in romantic comedies and photoshoots, but they’re surprisingly easy to pull off. Grab some snacks from the grocery store or whatever’s lurking in your cupboards, throw down a blanket, and voila!
  3. Agree on a Pinterest or Tasty recipe – and get baking
    You know those cooking videos clogging up your newsfeed? Choose a favourite with your pal and get cooking.
  4. Try out a “how to” class together
    Is there something you and your bestie have always wanted to do, but never gotten around to it? Make the leap and sign up for a class, it could be a baking class, yoga, candle making – I’ve even been to a bath bomb making class. Best part – there’s probably a Groupon for it.
  5. Make a Pinterest craft together
    Chances are, you or your friend have a DIY sitting on a pinboard somewhere waiting to be tested. I’ll say no more!
  6. Farmers’ Market Window Shopping
    Farmers’ markets are so fun! And often full of samples! Meet your friends at the nearest market to do your grocery shopping together, or even just to take pics for the ‘gram.
  7. Spend an afternoon at the museum
    Most museums have discounted or by-donation days, or even waive the fee entirely depending on your area. Do some research and spend an afternoon checking out some art – you’ll probably even get some great photos out of it.
  8. Go to a coffee shop and study or work together
    Before you write this one off as a total bore, hear us out. Sometimes, you have stuff to do, but you don’t want to be alone. Who better to tick off that to do list with than with a friend? You can be productive and have a better time doing it. Plus, pick a cute cafe and it’s an iPhone photographer’s dream.
  9. Learn a new sport together/try a new exercise class
    Not free, but so worth the investment. Taking up a new fitness class or joining a sports team can be a fun, weekly activity and will also help make those gains.

What are some other fun things to do on your best friend date? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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