A story of friendship

We started Friendship Socks with a pretty simple concept, we wanted to make a positive impact on people’s lives. And who better to benefit than friends?

That’s why we created a platform to celebrate friendship. By utilizing social media, Friendship Socks lets you connect and send a gift to friends anywhere in the world.

We’re about more than just socks - we’re about sharing stories, collaborating, and creating memories.

why socks?

For generations, socks have been the quintessential go-to gift. And much like friends, we all need socks. But this loyal member of our wardrobe has always had connotations of being a bit of a snooze.

Here at Friendship Socks, we’re revamping this old classic and innovating the art gift giving.

Our hope is that every time open up your sock drawer, take your shoes off, or prop up your feet in a chill moment, you’ll be reminded of that special bond between you and your friend.

Our American

Our team in North Carolina has been crafting high quality socks for over two generations. It’s safe to say they know their socks.

And it’s more than just a quality pair to us. It’s making sure all of our workers get fair wages and quality working environments. From growing the cotton, to spinning that cotton into usable yarn, to dyeing, knitting, and finishing the socks, it all happens on home soil.

Quality Matters

We want your feet to feel just as happy as you did when you received your Friendship Socks. That’s why we use the highest quality combed cotton. It’s a sustainably sourced, incredibly soft fiber that’ll have a hard time staying in the sock drawer.

Our socks are hand finished with a rigorous quality control standard, and that’s why we can guarantee each pair is as perfect as your unique friendship.